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Welcome to The Olive Centre,  shop for olive equipment, machinery and advice
Slammer Tool - The Ultimate tool for Landscaping, Construction, Fencing, Farm use and more
New product manufacturing has limited production capacity and might delay despatch of orders at this point in time.  We will despatch as soon as possible. $239.00 (Excl. GST)
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Frantoino BIO olive oil processor by Oliomio
Oliomio's smallest continuous olive processor.
Please call for Price
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Olive Pruning Double Blade Secateurs
An  industry standard and a must for all Olive Growers and Orchardists. $84.10 (Excl. GST)
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Olive Oil tins: White round tins with white tops 10, 15 & 20L
Great for Bulk & Food service packaging.  Includes Bung, Double Epon, with Pull-up-pourer or Screw cap. Call for Price
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Olive Oil tins: Printed Rectangle 1L - 20L
Maximise the display space on your tins! Call for price
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Olive Oil Tins/Cans: White Square 3L - 4L
Featuring Double Epon on the inside of the can! Call for price
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Electro'liv Electric Olive Harvester
Portable. Powerful. Flexible. Efficient
electric harvester $2,751.38 – $3,886.00 (Excl. GST)
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Olive Expo comes to town
Press link to view information
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Sumi-Alpha Flex 1L & 20L
Sumi-Alpha Flex  is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid
insecticide that contains esfenvalerate as its main active ingredient.
Esfenvalerate is the most active of four isomers of fenvalerate, which makes 
Sumi-Alpha Flex a highly active product at extremely low use rates.
1 – 19$50.75
20 +$221.85
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